Èzili Dantò Interview – Ayiti in the context of Dr. Clarke “All history is a current event”


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Human rights attorney Èzili Dantò joins us to discuss the history of Ayiti (Haiti) and the current condition of our Afrikan family in Ayiti.  Sister Èzili gives a thorough analysis of the Haitian Revolution, Papa Doc Duvalier, and the rape and pillage currently taking place in Haiti by the UN peacekeepers and Clinton crime family.

Èzili Dantò is a Haitian woman inspired, guided, and directed by the strength, legacy and visions of the Haitian warrior goddess, Ezili Dantò

She is an award winning playwright, a performance poet, political and social commentator, author and human rights attorney. She was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and raised in Stamford, CT. She holds a BA from Boston College, a JD from the University of Connecticut School of law, and, attended the Hartford Conservatory for Ballet, Jazz and Modern while studying Haitian dancing at home and with countless Haitian dance experts in the field.

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  1. Mandingo says:

    The name Afrika is not Roman.Scipio was given the title ‘Africanus’ because the area in North Afrika where he defeated Hannibal at the battle of Zama was known by its native name Afruika which means a tropical environment.It is the same way that the English Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery was given the title 1st. Viscount of Alamein,(KG,GCB,DSO,PC,DL) because he won the battle by leading the British Eighth Army to victory against the Germans led by General Irwin Rommel at the second battle of El Alamein.Columbus did not see Afrikans when he invaded Ayiti/Haiti because the native people were the Tainos who were brown skinned with long straight black hair.

  2. karl chung says:

    Christobal Colon, Slave trader for Portugal. 23 years along Africa’s west coast. January 6th 1492, The Moor Generals surrendered Spain to Isabella and Ferdinand. They had ruled the Iberian Peninsula from 702-1492 A D. Those Africans gave Europe its first University in 711 A .D. In 1096 England built its first University- Oxford. Indeed having read many of our Afro historians. I have questioned the existence of people such as Archimedes, Euclid, etc. (DID THEY EXIST).? indeed even the name Europe was taken from the mythical daughter of Zeus who the Greeks took from Nubia Africa. Even the name Africa honored the Roman General Scipio Africanus. ( Punic wars) . It was Colon who said when landing on this side of the world. “Surely these people are Africans.” Suddenly they became Tiano, which was a greeting word in the native peoples language. Who then were the Arawaks and Caribs? Did they really exist? Where are the grave sites etc ? One must become curious about statements made in history that has no empirical facts save the words and writings of those who were the conquerors.

    • It was Colon who said when landing on this side of the world. “Surely these people are Africans.”

      Please provide the documentation for this quote. I find it interesting that scholars like Eric Williams, John Henrik Clarke, Ivan Van Sertima, and Jan Carew have never quoted this, to my knowledge.

      Colon’s journal printed by Fordham University says: Saturday, 13 October. “At daybreak great multitudes of men came to the shore, all young and of fine shapes, very handsome; their hair not curled but straight and coarse like horse-hair, and all with foreheads and heads much broader than any people I had hitherto seen; their eyes were large and very beautiful; they were not black, but the color of the inhabitants of the Canaries, which is a very natural circumstance, they being in the same latitude with the island of Ferro in the Canaries. They were straight-limbed without exception, and not with prominent bellies but handsomely shaped. “

    • Èzili says:

      Comments appreciated. Check perhaps, “Haytian Annals” at https://goo.gl/GTKd9O on some of the Black Caracols, Guanini and Arguaho, the ancient Afrikans of Ayiti/Haiti before European colonization and the MAAFA. See, The American Nations By Constantine Samuel Rafinesque

      Moreover, the Olmecs inhabited territory called Mexico before the Mayans.

      “It is indisputable that in very ancient times the Negro race occupied our territory (Mexico). The Mexicans recall a Negro god, Ixtilton, which means ‘black face’.” –Riva-Palacio, Mexican historian
      I haven’t heard that quote “Surely these people are Africans.” But I know gold tipped metal spears found in Haiti where same as West Africa and there’s a quote of the locals telling Colon about the Africans to their south and southeast in ships traded in gold tipped metal spears….. https://bit.ly/2Rfs69j

      Christopher Columbus (Colon) landed at the Bay of Caracol in Ayiti/Haiti. The Clintons did their 400square miles thievery to supposedly build a “sweatshop” as earthquake relief. Of course part of that is cover for all the excavation their doing in the area; most likely getting rid of the evidence of the Black presence at the Bay of Caracol. If you check. Caracol is also the name given to a large Maya archaeological site in Belize – and the dark-skin folks in the pyramid walls….

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